Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring has arrived!

Spring has sprung!  T-ball, soccer, summer clothes you forgot about, pale legs, flip flops, freshly sunburned or should I say wind-burned faces after this weekend, green grass, and kids running around in the backyard!  I love this time of year!  It was a packed weekend but the sun was shining and my house actually stayed clean on the inside because we were outside most of the time. . . 

Our four legged fur ball LOVES being outside!  I was skeptical of how an electric fence would work on Bentley but let me tell you. . .AWESOME!!  

Hoping for some great weather in the days ahead. . .oh yeah, snow flurries expected tomorrow!  You know you live in Cincy when it's 80 one day, and snowing the next!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Someone's 4!!!

What will get you to blog for the first time in 2 months?  Peer pressure from a few unnamed family members Claire and your youngest child's birthday!  Yes, Brady turns 4 today!!  

Can you believe it??  I don't know if it's because he's the last child but the last 4 years have honestly gone way too fast.  I look back at pictures and smile.  Not out of sadness that he's growing up but out of happiness that I was blessed to experience a boy.  I always wanted girls.  The clothes, the hair, the "girly" stuff.  However, from the minute he was born, I knew this little boy was in my life for a reason.  I know more about garbage trucks than I ever wanted to know, Batman and Spiderman are becoming my favorite superheros, and watching Gator Boys is kind of fun!  

Here is a quick look at how he has grown. . .

And now. . .

Happy birthday Brady!  
We love you beyond words :)


Friday, January 24, 2014

Foto Friday. . .

Brady and I ventured out in the cold today to Costco.  When I say it's cold, it's COLD!!  10 degrees but definitely feels colder with the wind.  I told Brady last night we had some things to get at Costco.  I named 5 things (which usually at Costco turns in to 30!).  Well, the kid doesn't forget anything.  He woke up and said, "Mom, we goin' to that big store today?  We need toilet paper, uncwustables, soap, chicken, and tissues."  As we were strolling through the aisles, I looked at him and had this weepy feeling sweep over me. He's growing up so fast!  He is my little companion during the day.  The girls and I have a special "girly" bond that I cherish but Brady and I have a bond I can't describe.  He melts my heart, literally.  I am so grateful that I've had the opportunity to stay home and watch him grow.  Today, the weepy feeling took me to these pictures that I have always adored. . . 

Those curls, those eyes, those dimples (and that cute big sister!)  
How can he be turning 4 soon??  
O.K. . .enough mushiness!  An episode of Will and Grace will snap me out of it!
Happy Friday. . .stay warm!!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow day #5. . .

Sooooo...we are on snow day #5.  This is our second 5 day weekend and I'm so over it.  My kids have been great but we all are getting a little cabin fever and the walls are closing in on us. . .

Yes, he's drinking hot chocolate in a recycling mug!

The wrestling matches continued. . .

As well as the attacks on shirts. . .

Yes, Bentley, they're going back tomorrow :)

Even the chicken has about had it with this weather!

The kids took Bentley outside for a bit to wear him out.  The dog loves the snow!  He can't get enough of it!  He digs his nose through the snow like he's searching for something and then flips the snow in the air.  It's quite comical :)

The snow, however, sticks to his fur and he comes in with massive snowballs covering every part of his body.  He even had some in his eyes.   I truly don't think he cared though. . .

Brady and Kelsey shoveled the deck for me but quit halfway through because it's so darn cold. . .

We're trying to make the best of it. . .taking an old crib mattress and sliding down the basement steps.  Yes, I'm allowing it and I even encourage this behavior.  It's our hillbilly sledding!!  They have a blast doing it and gives them some type of physical activity.  I am very thankful for a finished basement.  It has made the snow days definitely more bearable!  The bad news is that we only have 5 snow days worked in to the school year.  After today, they start making them up.  Actually, Ellie is on day 6 because there was a bomb threat at her school back in November.  Most of the kids at her school went home so they are saying as of now, they have to make that day up.  I'm hoping they can get that revoked but the conversation I non chalantly had with Ellie this morning went something like this. . .

"Hey Ellie, did you know you have to make that bomb threat day up?"

WHAT??!!  That is so not fair!  How can they do that??"

This is about the time Kelsey chimed in, "So Ellie has to go an extra day and I don't?!"

I think you know where this conversation went after that comment!

Overall, we are trying to stay warm and enjoy our time together :)  I'm trying to be really nice here if you can't tell!!

On a positive note, today is a perfect day to post pictures from Christmas!  Christmas makes me happy and I need some happy thoughts and pictures today. . .

Cookie Baking

Every year, we try and keep the tradition going by baking cookies at Nana's house.  I love it and I know my girls love it.  We look forward to figuring out what cookies everyone will make and how much sugar we can consume in a few hours :)  Christmas is about creating memories and carrying on tradition year after year.  Baking cookies is something I know my girls will continue with their kids which makes my heart happy!

Claire couldn't make it but she was there in spirit :)

This picture is funny. . .Jennie with the blender attached to the wall and Ellie looks like she's gonna beat Kelsey to a pulp!  


This year we "broke" tradition.  I know. . .shame on me.  However, sometimes you need to relieve some of your stress and enjoy the holidays.  I love seeing my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas but there was so much to do and I just wanted a relaxing night at home. After church, we came home and made a bunch of appetizers, watched Polar Express, and threw food out for Santa's reindeer.  It was so nice to sit and actually enjoy the night in my cozy house :)

The next morning, the kids woke up around 7.  Bentley, of course, was up way before that but Scott and I were able to turn some Christmas tunes on and enjoy a few sips of coffee before the chaos ensued. . .

Let the gift opening begin!

Someone got a bone bigger than his head!

The annual scavenger hunt Santa prepares for us. . .

Kelsey of course went down the slide!

What did Santa bring?

We love Apple!

Priceless reaction :)

Mama surprised SC with a much needed gift. . .a new briefcase!

I adore Christmas!  It's my favorite holiday but it goes by way too fast.  So many fun memories I will cherish forever!

Stay tuned for more Christmas Day fun. . .